Be eco - conscious

Do you aspire for a cleaner and a safer community.? VA-YU is your eco-warrior!

We want to free our cities from air pollution, traffic congestion and noise. We want to stop the usage of Petroleum products.

Freedom, Accessibility & Fun

Whether its a late night movie or an interview at a remote location, VA-YU is your 24*7 personal transport.

Have the freedom to move anywhere and at anytime.

No maintenance, refueling or recharging needed. Say no to expensive cabs and have a fun ride.

Be a Trendsetter

Do you want to end you everyday haggling, the endless waits or the charges and the surcharges?

You can lead the charge towards electric mobility with a single tap on VA-YU App. The App is super convenient and the vehicles use latest technology to offer you a superior ride. You are also free to ride as long as you want with our battery swapping service.