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In the last few years our city's traffic congestion has increased massively and so has the air pollution and noise. The smog situation in Delhi was a call to act and that put us on our path to VA-YU. The solution lay in green mobility and shared vehicles. Our challenge was to find an electric vehicle that was as powerful and as convenient as the petrol vehicles. At the same time we also needed the solution to provide a superior customer experience at a fraction of the price using the latest technology.

We started working on this challenge in March 2018 and set up Treehouse Ventures Private Limited. Now after months of development and planning we have come out to you with our service "VA-YU".

VA-YU encapsulates our objective to work towards a cleaner and a happier community. For our riders it is also the freedom to move anywhere and VA-YU stands for cool, breezy and fun rides for the YU-VA in us.

We want to promote the use of electric vehicles and want to make it convenient and exciting for the riders. For this we have selected the best "Made in India "vehicle for our service and have created extensive tech stack to be able to provide a seemless user experience. Our service offering includes IOT enabled connected scooters, IOS and android apps and customer service attendants to handover the vehicles.

We are a Government of India recognised Start-Up.

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